We can do it logoNovaturient Workshops  

Is a woman-owned, small business; focusing on creative workshop development with other non-profits, through team building workshops. Active recruitment of team leader professionals who lead young people in the creative arts. We focus on the arts (cultural affairs), education and humanities. Our funding opportunity ranges from: $50,000-$500,000


Novaturient Workshops (NW)  is working to expand its programming footprint into the international development industry by securing funding through the US Government. (NW) is actively working with Federal Capture, a business development company in the Washington, DC area who has 15 years+ track record of securing government contracts. Their philosophy is tailored for USAID, the Department of State, and other global development agencies.


The word Novaturient (No-vuh too-ree-ent) is not easy to pronounce but its meaning makes up for it. Novaturient: Desiring or seeking powerful change in one’s life, behavior, or situation. The very definition sums up what Novaturient Workshops is about!

Novaturient Workshops (NW) was born from Kids Share Workshops and Publishing, Inc. (KSW). Kids Share Workshops is a parent of Novaturient Workshops. Kristina Applegate, founder of (KSW) wanted to create a new program workshop that would focus on young adults, who are seeking a creative voice through social activism, using storytelling tools.


Photographs by Wari Om and Novaturient Logo by Pfeifer Design


Author: Kristina Applegate, Kids Share Workshops

Kristina Applegate focuses on reaching individuals who are seeking a creative voice through social activism using storytelling tools. Kristina develops domestic and international team building projects in the creative arts through; multimedia, publishing, and film-making. *Many of the stunning photographs on this website and www.kidsharezambia are taken by Wari Om Photography https://www.wari.cat

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