Film Work

Below are films Produced by Wari Om and Kids Share Zambia. Kristina Applegate, founder facilitates filming opportunities through Noviaturient Workshops, a parent company of Kids Share Workshops.

Wari filmed and directed Sophie Beem’s GLOW video, along with the others below, which was produced during a Kids Share Zambia workshop celebration. GLOW was created for the children and community working with Kids Share Zambia and, was shared during our final celebration when books and artwork were handed out to all participants and, community leaders.

The Luso Dancers above were filmed while on location with Kids Share Zambia. Below founder Kristina Applegate filmed while Wari was creating the video.


Author: Kristina Applegate, Kids Share Workshops

Kristina Applegate focuses on reaching individuals who are seeking a creative voice through social activism using storytelling tools. Kristina develops domestic and international team building projects in the creative arts through; multimedia, publishing, and film-making. *Many of the stunning photographs on this website and www.kidsharezambia are taken by Wari Om Photography

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